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The town’s tranquil ambiance, coupled with its proximity to several natural wonders, has earned it the nickname “Coconut Capital of Tamil Nadu.” The refreshing aroma of coconut groves fills the air, adding to the town’s idyllic charm.

Discover Pollachi, where history whispers through its ancient temples and cultural tapestry. Immerse in its diverse weather, ranging from hot summers to serene monsoons. Explore historical and famous temples, bask in the charm of hill stations and waterfalls, and indulge in local cuisine.

Unveil its economy rooted in agriculture, while picturesque villages, movie shooting spots, and majestic dams beckon. Welcome to Pollachi, where every corner is a treasure trove of experiences.

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  • Coconut Capital of Tamil Nadu.
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Historical Name :

            During the period of Kulottunga Chola III , Pollachi was known as Mudi Konda Chola Nallur Later Pollachi was known as Pozhil Vaitchi in Tamil which means “gifted with beauty” and later became Pollachi.

There is another story with the Origin of name, Pollachi was known as “Porull Aatchi” which means “The land of wealthy Government”.

It said that everything is sold/bought in the market(including elephants) except one’s parents, in the olden days.

Coconut Capital of Tamil Nadu

Pollachi, known as the “Coconut Capital of Tamil Nadu,” thrives as a significant coconut-producing region. This title reflects its abundant coconut groves and vital role in coconut-based industries. From its lush landscapes to the diverse uses of coconuts, Pollachi truly lives up to its flavorful and fruitful reputation.

Weather :

Pollachi experiences hot year-round weather with oppressive and overcast wet seasons and humid, partly cloudy dry seasons. Temperatures range from 68°F to 96°F, rarely going below 65°F or above 100°F.

The hottest months are April, May, and March. Calm winds prevail, with the windiest months being July, June, and August. Monsoon occurs from June to October. nd the town receives rainfall from the Southwest monsoon due to the presence of Palghat gap.

The busiest tourism months are December, May, and June, while September through November sees significant rainfall or snow.

Historical Temple in Pollachi:

  • Subramania Swamy Temple was built over a thousand years ago during the region of the Cholas.
  • It is believed to have been built by Kongu Sundarapandian, Kongu Thirubuvan Chakravarti and Vikrama Chola.

Crowded and famous Temple in Pollachi:

  • Masani Amman temple is located in Anaimalai, about 24 km far south-westerly to Pollachi.
  • The Temple enshrines Goddess Arulmigu Masani Amman as the presiding deity.
  • The deity is seen in a lying posture measuring 15 feet from head to foot, which is unique. Other deities worshiped in the complex include Neethi Kal (stone of justice) and Mahamuniappan.

Hill stations near Pollachi:

Valparai, TopSlip, and Anaimalai Hills as the best of the 3 hill stations near Pollachi.

Falls in Pollachi:

Monkey Falls are natural waterfalls located near the uphill ghat road Valparai on the Pollachi-Valparai road in the Anaimalai Hills range, in the Coimbatore district. Monkey Falls is about 30 km from Pollachi.

Top 10 Tourist Places in Pollachi:

you can visit even more


The economy of the town is predominantly dependent on agriculture. Coconut, jaggery, vegetables, and cattle contribute to the agricultural output.

There are also coir-producing units with raw materials sourced from local farms. Vanilla is also cultivated in certain locations.

Shooting spots:

Pollachi is also a popular movie shooting location for the Tamil film industry owing to its scenic landscape.

Now it is known as chinna kodampakkam.

  • Athuparai Water Cascade is formed over a check dam built on the Aliyar River. This place became famous because of the Tamil movie Winner as few scenes were shot here.
  • The villages around Pollachi are Sethumadai ,Vettaikaranpudur, Kaliapuram, Odayakulam, Devipatinam.
  • The scenic beauty of this village has made it an ideal outdoor location for the filming of several Kollywood movies.
  • Several blockbusters including Muratu Kaalai, Sakalakalavalan, Chinna Gounder, Ponnumani, Rajakumaran, Madurai veeran Enga Sami, Thenkasipattanam, and Suryavamsam were filmed here.

Dams Near by Pollachi:

List of Villages in Pollachi:

The culture of Pollachi’s villages is a vibrant tapestry woven from its agrarian heritage, harmoniously syncing with the cycles of nature. As you enter, a warm, close-knit community welcomes you, cherishing timeless traditions while embracing modern influences. The spirit of rekla racing adds another layer, reflecting the region’s zestful celebrations and dynamic cultural interplay.

Festivals and Celebrations: Festivals are the heartbeats of Pollachi’s villages, bringing together people in joyful harmony. Vibrant celebrations of Pongal, a harvest festival, paint the villages with colors of gratitude and prosperity. Temples come alive with processions, music, and dance during various religious festivals, offering a window into the spiritual devotion that binds the communities.

Arts and Crafts: Artistry flourishes in these villages, as skilled artisans craft intricate pieces that reflect the cultural heritage. From the traditional art of kolam (rangoli) that adorns doorsteps to intricate handwoven textiles, the villages showcase a treasure trove of craftsmanship.

Cuisine: The villages of Pollachi are a gastronomic delight, with a cuisine deeply rooted in the local produce.

Traditional dishes made from freshly harvested crops and garden-fresh vegetables offer a taste of authentic rural flavors.

As you savor Kongunadu delicacies and local favorites, you’ll experience the love and pride that villagers pour into their culinary creations.

  • A. Nagoor
  • Achipatti
  • Ambarampalayam
  • Anaimalai
  • Andipalayam
  • Angalakurichi
  • Anupparpalayam
  • Arasampalayam
  • Arthanaripalayam
  • Athupollachi
  • Avaleppampatti
  • Ayyampalayam
  • Bodipalayam
  • Boligoundenpalayam
  • Chandrapuram
  • Chettiakkapalayam
  • Chikkarayapuram
  • Chinnampalayam
  • Devambadi
  • Devanampalayam
  • Devarayapuram
  • Dhalavaipalayam
  • Eripatti
  • Gollapatti
  • Gomangalam
  • Gomangalampudur
  • Govindapuram
  • Jallipatti
  • Kabilipalayam
  • Kakkadavu
  • Kaliyapuram
  • Kallipatti
  • Kambalapatti
  • Kaniyalampalayam
  • Kanjampatti
  • Kappalankarai
  • Kariyanchettipalayam
  • Kattampatti
  • Kinathukadavu
  • Kittasuarampalayam
  • Kodangipalayam
  • Kolarpatti
  • Kondampatty
  • Kondegoundenpalayam
  • Koolanaickenpatti
  • Kothavadi
  • Kottur
  • Kulakkalpalayam
  • Kulathur
  • Kullichettipalayam
  • Kumarapalayam
  • Kurumbapalayam
  • Kurunallipalayam
  • Kuthiraialampalayam
  • Makkinampatti
  • Manur
  • Marchinaickenpalayam
  • Mettubavi
  • Mettupalayam
  • Mulanur
  • Mullipadi
  • Muthur
  • Naickenpalayam
  • Nallampalli
  • Nallathukuli
  • Nallattipalayam
  • Nathukkalpalayam
  • Odaiyakulam
  • Okkilipalayam
  • Palayur
  • Panappatti
  • Periakalandai
  • Periapodu
  • Periya Negamam
  • Pethanaickanur
  • Pillchinnampalayam
  • Poosanaickendhali
  • Poosaripatti
  • Poravipalayam
  • Pottaiyandiporambu
  • Puliampatti
  • R. Ponnapuram
  • Ramapatinam
  • Rasakkapalayam
  • Rasichettipalayam
  • S. Malayandipatnam
  • S. Nallur
  • S. Ponnapuram
  • Samathur
  • Sangarayapuram
  • Santhegoundanpalayam
  • Seelakkampatti
  • Servaikaranpalayam
  • Servakaranpalayam
  • Sholanur
  • Singanallur
  • Sinjuvadi
  • Sinna Negamam
  • Sirukkalandai
  • Sokkanur
  • Solapalayam
  • Solavampalayam
  • Somandurai
  • Sulakkal
  • Suleeswaranpatti
  • Thalakkarai
  • Thensithur
  • Thimmanguthu
  • Thippampatti
  • Thondamuthur
  • Thoppampatti
  • Thorayur
  • Unjavelampatti
  • Vadakkipalayam
  • Vadaputhur
  • Vadasithur
  • Vaguthampalayam
  • Varadanur
  • Veeralpatti
  • Vekkampalayam
  • Vellalapalayam
  • Vettaikaranpudur
  • Z. Kottampatti
  • Z. Muthur
  • ZaminUthukuli

Best hotels in Pollachi :

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Foodie List

Sakthi Hotels is reckoned among Government Classified Luxury Hotels – a blooming residential located at the heart of Pollachi.

  • Amutha Surabhi is located in Unjavelampatti, Palani Road, Pollachi, choice of the name Amutha Surabhi reflects our promise to cater to indulging food.
  • Madhava Inn is nestled in the heart of Pollachi.Our Inn houses premium A/C Veg Restaurant to deliver a wholesome hospitality experience.
  • Hotel Sri Ramanuja is quite famous and always crowded for veg food and fully booked for lodging. it is located near the town bus stand.
  • Ashok Hotel is One of the best traditional non-veg hotels in Pollachi. Mutton Biriyani and country chicken gravey is very special thing in this hotel located in movie road pollachi.