Pongal festival in Pollachi

Pongal around Pollachi is a grand celebration. The preparations for it start much earlier.
People do a spring cleaning, white wash their homes, decorate their floors with colorful kolams and
shop for new clothes.

Houses are festooned with bunches of neem leaves, mango leaves and AervaLanata blossoms.

Sankaranthi Pongal,along with the mouth watering mochai kottai kulambu is prepared at home and
offered to the Gods, marking the start of the festival.

The Sakkarai pongal is made with jaggery and rice. The second day is the Veetu Pongal.
MattuPongal is the grandest of all celebrations.

Multiple pongals are made this day, but the most important offering is in honour of Pattiyavidaithaai, the goddess of the patti.
The fourth and final day is the “Poo nombi”.