Water resource in Pollachi

The total surface water potential of the state is 36 km or 24864 M cum. There are 17 major river
basins in the State with 61 reservoirs and about 41,948 tanks. Of the annual water potential of 46540
million cubic metres (MCM), surface flows account for about half.
In Pollachi region the main water resources are Cauvery such as

  1. Thirumoorthy,
  2. Bhavani,
  3. Noyyal
  4. Korangam pallam,
  5. Palar
  6. Periyapallam and West flowing Rivers. Azhiyar Dam , Parambikulam Dam, Valparai Solayaru Dam are the best source of water used for agriculture and other purpose.
  7. Our Water Resource Organisation channels water from the Parambikulam Reservoir to the
    Thirumoorthy Reservoir through the Contour Canal, to help agriculture on nearly 3.77 lakh acres.