Marayoor Places to Visit and Resorts and homestay, Hotels Overview

Marayur (Marayoor) is a town in idukki district of kerala. It is situated at a distance of 42 km from munnar. SH 17 connects munnar to udumalai.

Marayur is a section of stone age civilization. It is about 10,000 old.

People move from tamilnadu to this area, when the Madurai king thirumalainaickker was defeated by tipu sultan in 18th century.these resettlers desingned five villages, they are as follows: kanthalloor, keezhanthur, karayur, kottakudi and marayur.

Marayoor Tourist Places

you should not miss this places when you Marayoor trip with friends .

These places were called as “ anju nadu.” These areas have large  numbers of dolmens. This region has different models of dolmens.

Much dolmens around the area of thenkasinathen temple in kovilkadavu on the banks of river pambar, overlooking the river glamoured the viewers.

Most famous rock art site in kerala is marayur, it attracts a huge number of viewers. Neolithic dolmens and rock  paintings are famous in kovilkadavu.

It is situated less than five km from marayur. A rock painting at manali in chinnar wildlife sanctuary of marayoor.

According to 2001 census, 20,575 peoples in marayoor and density is 91/km square.

Marayoor coordinates at: 10.274735 degrees north 77.160032 degree east. In this region, forest are tropical forest are tropical evergreen and grassland.

Soil type is forest loam with a high organic matter content. The climate in marayur is wet winter and dry summer

temperature in summer may go up to 36.2 degree Celsius.

temperature in winter may go down to 20 degree Celsius.

The annual rainfall in idukki district varies from 250 to 425 cm. the eastern and north eastern regions of the districts receive very less rainfall.

Marayoor and kanthalloor are actually rain shadow regions.

One waterfall is located near marayoor  it looks very beautifull. It’s name is karimutty waterfalls.

Marayur contains more than 1000 species of following plants. There are 114 endangered species and the scenic view of aibiza lathamii, a critically endangered tree.

Currently, it was reported from dry forests.

Here, other significant mammals are found they are: tiger, leopard, guar, spotted deer, nilgiri tahr, elephant etc. between the monsoon season, butterfly migration occurs.

Economy: marayur contain so many sandalwood forests. So, the local economy is based on sandalwood.

Sandalwood or santalum album is a parasitic tree. Sandalwood oil also known as liquid gold. It  is draw out from the roots and wood of sandalwood.

This is costly item. A climate with very low rainfall is suitable for growing sandalwood. According to forest department the auction rate for first quality marayur  sandal is Rs.1,100 per kg.

Resorts :

  1. Greylangur resort – 2800rs
  2. Calwin Rooms –  500rs
  3. Marayoor Home Stays
  4. Subha Homes

Marayoor Homestay

  • Marayoor Valley Homestay
  • Marayoor Homestay Karimutty
  • Marayoor woods Homestay