Kanthalloor Tourist Places ( Best Top Hotels and Resorts )

In morning you can start a beautiful ride in this Chinnar Wild Forest to Kanthalloor while crossing this forest you have awesome and thrill experience you going to gain with these animals and birds.

Kanthalloor fall

Kanthalloor fall is 60 km away from Udumalpet but the sprawling tea estates, rolling hills make the destination idyllic. It is located on the border of kerala and Tamil Nadu placed between Udumalpet and Munnar.

It is situated at a height of 5000 ft above the sea level and thus provides a cool climate for natural farming of fruits.

Kanthalloor is still untouched by commercial tourism and thus the visitors can enjoy its natural beauty.

It is a paradise for photography and its environs after the rains is just spectacular. It is the only place where one can find apples, oranges, strawberries, blackberries, plums, peaches and a lot more non-native fruits and flowers.

The vegetable farm near Kanthalloor fall is the most exciting thing that one could find.

One can buy fresh veggies at an affordable price and can also be a part of harvesting.

Amaravathi Dam

Single Mount

It is located 1km away from the Kanthalloor fall and is a viewpoint to enjoy the sunset and look around the mountains.

Bhramaram viewpoint

This viewpoint was earlier known as Kulachivayal rocks also Many Malayalam movie Bhramaram was shot here and the rock was named after the movie’s name. The viewpoint gives an aerial view of windmills of Tamil Nadu if it is a clear day.

Sri Rama Cave Temple

The Sri Rama Cave temple is considered as an integral part of the history of Kanthalloor. The temple is located 2 km away from Kanthalloor and is a natural cave. One can see the bed of Lord Rama inside the temple.


The dolmens are the burial chambers made of four stones placed on edges and cornered by a fifth stone called capstone. These chambers were used during the stone age and can still be found near Kanthalloor fall.

Kanthalloor Hotels and Places to Stay

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  • Deshadan Eco Valley Resort
  • Ministers Mansion
  • Vrindhavan Mist City Resorts
  • Kanthalloor Gardens
  • Golden Fern Resort
  • Tree Hut Resort
  • Dream Valley Resort
  • Anandvan Jungle Resort
  • Olive Gardens Resort
  • Sandal Caza Resort
  • Mountain Club Resort
  • Elixir Hills