Pollachi to Kodanthur distance

The distance between Pollachi and Kodanthur is approximately 72 kilometers.

On a captivating journey from Pollachi to Udumalpet, I decided to explore the scenic beauty of the region by boarding a TNSTC Munnar bus.

The bus meandered through the lush green landscapes, offering glimpses of the enchanting surroundings. As I reached Udumalpet, I planned to continue my adventure by venturing into the Kodanthur reserved forest.

Forest area

To access the forest, I needed a special ticket from the forest department. Luckily, they provided me with the necessary permit to explore the mesmerizing wilderness. Instead of relying solely on public transportation, I opted for a Mahindra pickup arranged by the forest department, which added an element of thrill and adventure to my journey.

Driving through the dense foliage, I marveled at the untamed beauty of the Kodanthur reserved forest. The pristine environment and untouched landscapes were a testament to nature’s grandeur. As I ventured further, I could feel the tranquil aura that enveloped the area.

Kodanthur reserved forest not only captivated with its natural splendor but also served as the border between Tamil Nadu and the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.

It was a remarkable experience to be in such proximity to a wildlife sanctuary, knowing that diverse species thrived just beyond the forest’s reach.

As I explored the region, I encountered fellow devotees who had embarked on spiritual journeys to the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Their stories added a layer of depth to my own adventure. The devotion and reverence they held for the sanctuary and its inhabitants were truly inspiring.

My journey through the Kodanthur reserved forest was a blend of awe-inspiring landscapes, wildlife conservation, and spiritual connections. It served as a reminder of the intricate relationship between humans and nature, highlighting the importance of preserving such sanctuaries for future generations.

As the day drew to a close, I left the sanctuary with a renewed appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.

The memories of my exploration, the encounters with devotees, and the breathtaking beauty of the Kodanthur reserved forest would forever be etched in my heart as a testament to the splendors of Mother Nature.