Madurai to Coimbatore Train Timings

Coimbatore Intercity Express (Train Number: 16722), is a popular intercity train that connects the cities of Madurai and Coimbatore in India.

It offers a convenient and efficient mode of transportation for passengers traveling between these two cities.

The train operates on a regular schedule and provides comfortable seating arrangements for its passengers.

Coimbatore Intercity Express 16722 via Palani

Madurai junctionStart07:25
Kudal nagar Depot07:3007:30
Kodaikanal Road08:0808:10
Dindigul juncation08:4008:45
Maivadi Road10:0510:06
Pollachi junction10:4810:53
Podanur junction11:2811:30
Coimbatore junction12:15

If you are planning to travel on the Coimbatore Intercity Express, it’s essential to know the train ticket price, running status, coach position, route, time table, seat availability, and other relevant information.

By understanding these details, you can plan your journey effectively and ensure a smooth travel experience.

Let’s dive into the specifics of the Coimbatore Intercity Express based on the points you mentioned:

Train Ticket Price:

The ticket price for the Coimbatore Intercity Express varies based on factors such as the class of travel, availability, and distance covered.

It is advisable to check with the official railway website or visit the nearest railway station to get accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Train Running Status:

The running status of the Coimbatore Intercity Express provides real-time information about its location, delays, expected arrival and departure times, and other related updates.

This information can be obtained through various sources, including the official railway website, mobile applications, or by contacting the railway authorities.

Coimbatore Intercity Express Coach Position:

The coach position of the train refers to the arrangement of different classes and compartments within the train. The exact coach position for the Coimbatore Intercity Express can be obtained at the station prior to departure. Display boards and station staff can assist you in locating the specific coach you are assigned to or wish to travel in.

Madurai to Coimbatore Intercity Express Route:

The Coimbatore Intercity Express follows a designated route from Madurai to Coimbatore. The train passes through various stations en route, providing connectivity and convenience to passengers traveling to intermediate destinations.

It is advisable to refer to the official railway website or consult a railway timetable for the exact route and stations covered by the train.