Kodaikanal Tourist Places

                                        Kodaikanal is a hill station.  It lies in southern of the palani hills in Dindigul Districts of Tamil Nadu.  In Tamil it means “Gift of the forest”.  It is also known as “Princess of Hill stations”. 

  • Kodai can mean “end” or “boundary”.
  • Kanal can mean “forest” or “grove”.

There are four possible explanations for the origin of the name Kodaikanal:

  1. The end of the forest: This is the most common explanation for the name Kodaikanal. It is believed that the name refers to the end of the Palani Hills, which are a range of mountains in Tamil Nadu.
  2. The gift of the forest: This explanation is based on the belief that Kodaikanal was once a dense forest, and that the name refers to the gift of the forest to the people of Tamil Nadu.
  1. Kodaikanal Lake: A serene man-made lake ideal for boating and picnics, surrounded by lush greenery.
  2. Coaker’s Walk: A picturesque pathway offering stunning panoramic views of the valley and hills.
  3. Bryant Park: A well-maintained botanical garden featuring a variety of colorful flowers and plants.
  4. Pillar Rocks: Three vertically aligned rock formations with a mesmerizing view of the surrounding landscape.
  5. Silver Cascade Falls: A picturesque waterfall cascading from a height, offering a refreshing escape.
  6. Kurinji Andavar Temple: A hilltop temple dedicated to Lord Muruga, known for the Kurinji flower that blooms once every 12 years.
  7. Green Valley View (Suicide Point): A viewpoint providing breathtaking views of the valley and hills.
  8. Dolphin’s Nose: A natural rock formation resembling a dolphin’s nose, offering panoramic vistas.
  9. Guna Cave (Devil’s Kitchen): A unique cave formation with intriguing rock structures and a mysterious atmosphere.
  10. Bear Shola Falls: A seasonal waterfall surrounded by dense forests, accessible through a nature walk.
  11. Berijam Lake: A serene reservoir nestled amidst forested hills, ideal for nature lovers and birdwatching.
  12. Chettiar Park: A peaceful park with well-maintained lawns and vibrant flower beds.
  13. Shembaganur Museum of Natural History: A museum showcasing a diverse collection of flora, fauna, and archaeological artifacts.
  14. Poombarai Village: A scenic village known for its lush landscapes, offering a glimpse into rural life.
  15. Thalaiyar Falls: One of the highest waterfalls in India, also known as “Rat Tail Falls,” surrounded by verdant hills.

The Tamil movie like Guna, manmadhan  Ambu.  Famous hospital in kodaikanal has KHMS Hospitl, the government hospital and the prana spa.