What to eat in Udumalpet From Adaiset to Cashew cookies

Tamil Nadu.

Udumalpet, a town known for its rich culinary heritage, offers a delightful array of street foods and famous dishes that add flavor to the tourism experience. Here are some of the renowned foods you must try when visiting Udumalpet:

  1. Thattu Vadai Or Adai Set 

Thattu Vadai is a popular street food found across Udumalai. It is very spicy, tangy, tasty and crunchy sandwich. Fresh tangy beet, carrot and onion filling is sandwiched between two crispy thattu vadai(flour crispies used in making chaats).

During the season of mangoes, mangoes can also be added to the filling of fresh veggies. The sandwich is served with spicy chutney and is a perfect evening snack.

  1. Crispy cashew cookies and banana walnut cakes –

Crispy cashew cookies and banana walnut cakes of Ragam palate in Udumalai is something that one should at least eat it once in their life.

The crispy nutty cookies have a crumbly sand texture and a deliciously nutty flavor that makes it a perfect snack to go with the morning and evening cup of tea.

The banana walnut cake is an ultra-moist cake loaded with flavor and topped with rich cream cheese. The natural sweetness of sticky bananas and the warm taste of walnuts makes it a treat to eat the dish.

Now Discovered Udumalpet Famous Food for Touristers From Raagam Palates

  1. Ponda and Buji-

Ponda and Buji are hot and spicy fryums made at the street shops of Kuttai Thidal located in Udumalai. These street shops are specially opened during the occasion of chariot festival beside Mariamman temple.

  1. Kammang kool

Kammang kool is healthy traditional drink made by the ladies during Mattu Pongal festival near Somavara Patti.

The drink is usually sold in warm temperature to make people feel refreshed and relaxed.

  1. Fish Shop 

Every Sunday is Enjoyment with Nonveg especially from Amaravathi dam and Thirumoorthy Dam Fish. Many 90 kids could remember in waiting for the long queue with Fish Smell in the Fish Shop of Dam.

if you visit as a tourist then don’t miss out the delicious fish near the dam.