Udumalpet to Thrissur KSRTC Bus Timings

Udumalpet to Thrissur, showcasing some interesting places along the way.

As the bus departed from Udumalpet, the lush green landscapes of Tamil Nadu welcomed the travelers. Passing through Pollachi, they were captivated by the scenic beauty of the Anamalai Tiger Reserve, home to diverse flora and fauna.

Further ahead, the bus journeyed through Palakkad, where the grand Palakkad Fort stood tall, narrating tales of ancient history.

Continuing on, the bus crossed picturesque towns like Cherpulassery and Shoranur, where the aroma of fresh tea filled the air.

Finally, reaching Thrissur, the passengers were enchanted by the city’s vibrant cultural scene, with its majestic Thrissur Pooram festival and magnificent Vadakkunnathan Temple.

Although the story is brief, it highlights the beauty and cultural richness of the region, enticing travelers to explore and experience the wonders along the Udumalpet to Thrissur route.

Udumalpet to Thrissur Bus Timings

2.30 PM

9.00 PM