Udumalpet Dhali Palayapattu Ruled King Ethalappa Naicker Palayakaran History

Britishers killed many Indians buy scaffolding who are involved in freedom movement. But one petty King hanged one British.

He was lived near Udumalai, Tirupur district. That bravable, admirable kings inscription was damaged in public places so carelessly. That create regretfulness.

That looks like throw out  in public places. dhali town panchayat was located on the way of Udumalpet to Thirumoorthy Hills. one of the proudable king in South Tamilnadu was king Ethalappar.

He ruled over the cities that as follows: palanee, virupatchi, aayakudi, idayakottai, uthukkuli, and dhali.

These places are called South kongunadu 1880 A.D. Historical book about ethalappar and said about, that places all are ruled by  16 Kings in their genealogy. This inscription documents are damaged so carelessly at the great Banyan Tree behind the Thirumoorthy Dam. Finally, malayandi ethalappar and his younger brother venkidubhathi ethalappar ruled over those places.

In 1799 A.D, Veerapandiya Kattabomman was hanged by British officials. As a matter of fact, that create so much annoyance into him. He raged against that. At the time of Vijayanagara empire, the Mysore King Tipu Sultan and Veerapandiya Kattabomman both are defeated by British.

After that, the British were enthusiastic to rule more and more places. so they send messages to places specifically Palayangal.on the time, British send one messanger from thanjavur to Dhali.

His name is Andrew cathie’s. They isolated that messenger  to scaffolding and hanged out to express our opposition against British coupled with to teach lesson to British for hanged out virapaandiya kattabomman.

Andrew cathei’s hanged out the place  was called thookumarathottam( scaffolding place) that was at thinnaiKulam village yet now. This inscription is the only evidence to prove that south kongu palaykaars was also one of them who creates Independence insurgency against British. now that scaffolding place belonged to some private property. The Tomb was created when that Andrew Cathy’s buried.

  On that Tomb Crucifix or cross also fixed.  Inscription about him also closed on that tomb.

The written language in that inscription was  in Tamil. Archaeologist Mr.poongundran said  about that book  was as follows: dhali  paalayakaars  also is in the list of brave men who a hanged out Britishers. It is the only  evidence for to prove that.

Government should have to occupy that to  prevent and conservation. The iron fence conserve that buried place  for hundreds of years.

when the people know about that, they will come to the place to see to know about our history. That fort was collapsed by war against British.

He was killed on that war. he was killed by British in his native soil and his  fort also looted and collapsed by them.

Today’s generation did not know about that bravable, patriotic ethalappar  story. This is the day to remember our freedom martyr’s who sacrificed their lives for our country.

on this happy day, we celebrate our independence.  Our Independence was not just served us on a plate.  It was got after many struggles faced by our Martyr’s.

August 15:

India is motherland since that 1947 Independence Day. on August 15, 1947 we  had got freedom from British.

we have been separate constitution, principles to move  our country as a democratic. India is largest democratic country in the world. Hence , we have so many religions, languages and communities.

However , we all of us have  unity in diversity behaviour to move our country peacefully. Here, we have separate opinions to express and also the ability to change our representatives. On this day we have to remember our Martyrs who sacrificed their lives for getting freedom. Below,

I will remember you some freedom fighters:
1. Veerapandiya Kattabomman
2. Marudhu brothers
3. Virupatchi Gopala nayakkar
4. Ummaithurai
5.  Poolithevan
6. Velu Nachiyar
7. Alagu muthuKone
8. Subramanya Siva
9. V.O.Chidambaram
10. Mahatma Gandhi
11. Bharathiyar
12. Rajaji
13. Bhagat Singh
14. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
15. Kamarajar
16. Dhali ethalappa nayakar
17. Kodi kaatha kumaran
18. Thiru.vi. kalyanasundaram and most of Muslim League also included in this.