Sri Krishna sweets in Pollachi

Sri Krishna Sweets was established as a restaurant in 1948 in Coimbatore. Its founder was N. K.
Mahadeva Iyer wanted to produce “pure ghee sweets” at home and market them.

it has 60 retail outlets across India and three in the United Arab Emirates. It also started serving
snacks in its sweet shop and has started providing lunch to customers from 2006.

Sri Krishna Sweets Pvt Ltd is also located in Pollachi Bazaar, Pollachi.

It stands located at No 133, Krishna Tower, Opposite Nallappa Theatre, Kovai Road, Bazaar-642001. Opposite Nallappa Theatre is a prominent landmark in the area and this establishment is in close proximity to the same.

The company is a popular Indian sweet manufacturer and eatery. It is most noted for its Mysorepak.