Selvi Tailoring School Empowers Women in All Aspects through Quality Tailoring Classes

I started my career as a tailor in my teenage in sixteen years old.   My home was in Gandhi Chowk near Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Udumalpet.

I started my tailoring tutorial along with two other girls as my first students.

Then, within a year, the number of students was increased. It turns out to be twenty students. And from the later period, the student’s calculation was nearly fifty students per month.

Selvi Tailoring Training School offers you a one-month certificate course which is located nearby you in your hometown, Udumalpet.

This course will be very valuable for you or at least for your friends.

This course provides a minimum fee which is only a thousand rupees. It’s only a short period of the offer. I am the respective owner of this organization.

The presence of yours will be really helpful for me and for you because as a widowed person it is quite hard to run a family.

I can be economically stable with the benefit of this course by offering you. I have nearly thirty-five years of experience. I’m probably good enough in stitching all kinds of designs and fashions.

It was really incredible even now. It has become a reputed institution from that moment onwards. Even a signature helps many students to get a loan and start their business.

The government helps hand in hand the opportunity to the people.

By the help of a loan and the subsidy of two lakhs given by the government, the number of students arrival was again increased. It’s about nearly sixty students per month.

We give cent percent importance to the punctuality when it comes to the business. We provide customized time schedule. For three months, it is about five thousand rupees.

We give training for chudidar, blouse, Pattu pavadai and mostly all the designs.

We also provide woolen stitching for Women like woolen sweaters, jackets, and blazers for women.

We are welcoming you with wholeheartedly and we provide you good tutoring. Join us and get benefited. Women, who are located at Ramaswamy Nagar, Jeeva Nagar, Pallapalaiyam, Sambal Medu, Thirumoorthi Malai, Annamalai, Neikarapatti, Gandhi Nagar, S.V Puram, Kolumam, Malaiyandi Patanam, Komangalam and even all other places in and around Udumalpet are highly benefited.

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Selvi Tailoring School

Vakkil Nagarajan Street, Canara Bank Opp , Udumalpet