Sankar Mess food is more affordable

I had hungry normal days that was afternoon the time is 2 o’clock 3 minutes left I remember 57 minutes to go to reach 3 o’clock. God didn’t pay money much more. Today my purse doesn’t look so wealthy.

I thought I had to spend hardly 60-80 rupees for my afternoon meals, but that wasn’t the case.

Many marketing executives and blue-collar workers are preferring this unavagam, and many pedestrians are asking for tea to drink because it is so affordable for the poor. We could remain a poor man’s Ooty. Maybe someone could try to make a brand with it.

Every worker in this locality adores frequenting his establishment for meals and coffee.

The meals are elegantly served on fresh and vibrant banana leaves, enhancing their nutritional value and flavor.

When it comes to searching for affordable afternoon food within the city’s inner areas, no one can match the prices offered by this shop.

Grateful hearts of the less fortunate express their sincere appreciation after enjoying a meal or savoring a cup of tea or coffee.

Meals lists are

  • Tomato rice
  • Curd rice
  • Seru keerai spinach rice.

Each meals are served with sambar, pickle depends on the food also . And chutney .

I eat food items are followed

  • Keerai rice full.
  • Curd rice half
  • One vazhakai buji.

35 ruppees .