Pollachi Mahalingapuram Arch

The place built by Dr.N.G.Magalingam is located in the middle of Pollachi.
Pollachi Mahalingapuram Landmark arch offers a passageway to a spacious park, markets,
restaurants & a gathering space.

It’s best to meet your friends as it’s located in the center of Pollachi and easily accessible.
it has a park where kids of all ages can play basketball.

it’s a cool place to hang out with friends and
family moreover at the entrance of the park one can find evening bitings like masala puri,

It is a big department because when you go inside Mahalingapuram you will have all the products
like, Food, cosmetics, Dress, Park, Aquarium, Auditorium, Restaurant, etc.
In this place, you can spend your time peacefully.