Kongu Marriage Culture | Seer | Rituals

The rites and rituals performed during a Tamil Gounder Wedding are unique among other Tamilian
The community elders are chiefly responsible for the actual Kongu wedding rituals.

These elders are given the title of Arumaikaarar and Arumaikaari.
Their weddings are actually a three day extravaganzas. The Tamil Gounder Weddings start with
Nichyadhaartham, i.e. engagement.

Day 1: Naal Virudhu
The first day for a Kongu wedding begins with a combined feast.
On the second day, ahead of the main wedding ceremony, all the relatives help in setting up the

Finally, it’s the wedding day.They are married after the groom ties a Thali or Mangala Naan around
the bride’s neck. The two also have an exchange beautiful Jaimalas to mark the occasion.