Topslip Elephant camp Pongal

The forest department of Coimbatore division celebrated ‘Elephant Pongal’ near Top Slip in the Anaimalai Tiger Reserve area.

20 trained elephants, Chinna Thambi, including four kumki elephants were decorated by mahouts and were lined up on the grasslands at the entrance of Topslip to participate in the celebration.

On the occasion Kumkum, sandal paste, and holy ash were smeared on the elephants’ foreheads and kumki ‘Kaleem’ led the herd of trained elephants.

The forest officers gives sweet Pongal to the elephants. Later, banana, coconut and sugarcane were also given to the elephants by the forest department officials.

After the celebrations, all the 20 trained elephants were taken to Kozhikamuthi elephant camp from Top Slip.