Vijayapura district, Karnataka

Vijayapura, located in the state of Karnataka, India, is a district that shares its borders with Bagalkot, and Gulbarga districts.

Vijayapura experiences a tropical climate with hot summers and mild winters, characterized by occasional rainfall.

Pin of the City:
The pin code of Vijayapura is 586XXX.

Vehicle Registration:
Vehicles registered in Vijayapura have the code KA-28.

Telephone Code:
The telephone code for Vijayapura is +91-8352.

Taluk List:
The district of Vijayapura includes the following taluks: Vijayapura, Indi, Sindagi, and Basavana Bagevadi.

Vijayapura offers a diverse array of local delicacies, including Jolada Roti, Enne Gai, Benne Muruku, and Badanekayi Yennegai.

Tourist Places and Best Time to Visit:

  1. Gol Gumbaz – Best time to visit: October to March; witness the iconic Whispering Gallery and architectural marvel.
  2. Ibrahim Roza – Best time to visit: November to February; explore the stunning mausoleum and serene gardens.
  3. Malik-e-Maidan – Best time to visit: November to February; marvel at one of the largest medieval cannons.

Things to Do Activities:

  1. Gol Gumbaz – Climb the whispering gallery, admire the acoustics, and capture panoramic views.
  2. Ibrahim Roza – Explore the intricate Islamic architecture, relax in the gardens, and take memorable photographs.
  3. Malik-e-Maidan – Learn about the historical significance, capture photos, and enjoy a peaceful ambiance.