Venasapatti Karupusamy Temple

Karuppu Sami temples are predominantly found in rural areas on the outskirts of cities. These temples hold significant cultural and religious importance in the communities they serve. Here are some key points about Karuppu Sami temples:

  1. Maintenance and Community Involvement: The maintenance of Karuppu Sami temples is usually a collective effort involving the entire village or community. The local residents contribute to the upkeep of the temple, including cleaning, decoration, and conducting rituals.
  2. Iconography: Karuppu Sami temples typically feature large statues of Gods, including Karuppusami, with prominent features like large eyes and holding various weapons such as sickles and other traditional weapons. These depictions symbolize the protective and fierce nature of the deity.
  3. Saptha Kanniyar: Many Karuppu Sami temples also house statues of the Saptha Kanniyar, which translates to “Seven Virgins.” These goddesses are considered to be the protectors of the village and are worshipped alongside the main idol of Karuppusami.
  4. Animal Statues: Alongside the idols of the deities, Karuppu Sami temples often display statues of animals, with a horse being a common inclusion. These animals hold symbolic significance and are believed to be associated with the deity’s power and prowess.
  5. Goat Cutting: One unique aspect of Karuppu Sami temples is the practice of goat cutting. It is performed as part of specific commitments or prayers made by devotees. The act of sacrificing a goat is seen as a form of devotion and offering to the deity.

It’s important to note that the practice of animal sacrifice may vary across different regions and communities, and it is subject to cultural, legal, and ethical considerations.

Annual festivals

Every year Annual festivals are conducted with devotees. During this annual gathering, a large number of goats and chicken are sacrificed for karupusamy.

He is also offered Beedis (country made cigarettes) or cigars and Naravam or some form of modern alcohol.