Udumalpet Mariamman Temple Festival 2024

Mariamman temple is located in the udumalpet which belongs to Tiruppur district in the Kongu region. Kuttaithidal is situated center of the city more pleasant along with spirituality.

The rainfall makes the people delighted, the chariot festival will be conducted every year along with 40+ villages nearby.

During this celebration, Nombu Sattu, Paravai Kaavadi, Poovodu eduthal, Mavilaku, Thirukalyanam, Ther Thiruvila, Vana Vetikkai Fireworks, and many rituals can be celebrated with devotees.

Chariot festival (Ther Thiruvizha ) :

The chariot flow will be moving out with the help of an elephant, once the festival is announced we can see the drizzling start in March.

  • It is reckoned that Amman has a lot of spiritual power which makes this festival famous.
  • The regular visiting time of the temple is 9 am to 7 pm.
  • Surprisingly kuttaithidal will look like a tourist spot during the celebration.
  • Kerala drums will be conducted to entertain the people and the music will be played to make the presence of the goddess.
  • The Festival usually starts on Tuesday which comes post panguni first no moon day(amavasya) with fasting.
  • It will be announced to everyone in the temple by using parai called Nombu Sattu.
  • The Festival will be initiated by Sridhar whose family should take the lead from generation to generation.
  • On the eighth day from fasting there is a pooja for planting the spiritual pole.
  • Immediate next day flag hoisting is the ritual which is been carried out for all celebration we can say as marriage, ear piercing extra.
  • The same day kodi poojai will be conducted with enchanting mantras followed by vaistra pooja.
  • The festival will be continued on daily basis for 15 days, Mariamman will be moving in a temple car by using a wagon as Lion, elephant, peacock, horse, cow, and swan fully dressed up.
  • Devotees will be enlightened to see those scenes with goosebumps.
  • Every caste will have a set of time to do this tradition with all customs.
  • Post mavilaku ideal, thirukalyanam which is known as the marriage festival for Lord Sivan and Amman.
    On the fifteenth-day chariot, flow happens with full excitement.
  • Parivettal, which is defined as fireworks will be done following that Mariamman will come to Kuttai Thidal.
  • Mariamman will move in a temple car full of Chenda Melam by devotees throughout the entire place. The goddess will visit Thalaikonda Amman who is considered as the sister of Mari Amman, and finally reach her own place.
  • These chariot journeys have elaborate celebrations where the goddess comes out of a temple accompanied by the public journeying with them through the streets of the entire region.
  • The streets are known as Theroddum teeth – (Palani Road, Dhalir Road, Kuttai Thidal, Kollampattarai, Pollachi Road) .
  • All those streets would be cleaned and filled with happiness in order to welcome the pilgrims. This journey is called as a procession. People throng to share the rope pulling of the chariot.

Udumalpet mariamman temple festival 2024 dates

9-04-2024Evening: 6:00Nombu Sattuthal
16-04-2024Evening 7:00Kambam Poduthal
18-04-2024Evening 8:00Gramma Shanthi, Vasthu Shanthi
19-04-2024Afternoon 1:00Kodi Yetram
19-04-2023Afternoon 2:00Poovodu Arambam
23-04-2024Night 10:00Poovodu Niraivu
24-04-2024Morn 4:00Maavilaku
24-04-2024Eve 3:00Thiru Kalayanam
25-04-2024Morn 6:45Amman Thiru Theruku
25-04-2024Eve 4:00Ther Thiruvila , Therottam ( Driving the Chariot)
26-04-2024Night 10:00Pari Vettai, Vana Vedikkai ( Fire Crakcers)
27-04-2024Morn 8:15Kodi Irakkam
27-04-2024Morn 11:00Maha Abisheakam

Temple car:

Temple car is called as chariot or ther ottam in Tamil. This chariot is designed with all sculptures of Ramayana, Dasavatharam. In addition, shiva lilai, geetha ubathesam, kandha lilaigal sculptures are made in woods accurately.

Not only in the surroundings of temple the sculptures are constructed but also in chariot in a proficient way.

The Temple car is constructed by comparing human souls in ancient days.

There is a hope that pulling the chariot rope is like adding to your good Karma and doing penance for your bad deeds. Countless people will join in order to seek the blessings of the goddess.