Udumalai Tamill Isai Sangam Inauguration

Sathyaraj, the groom of this land, was the special invitee and recorded the excellence of Tamil and his excellent experiences in the film industry.

In today’s event, the Managing Director of the historic RGM Educational Committees Mr. Under the leadership of Rabindran Kengusamy, Arulmiku Mariamman Thirukoil Paramparai Trustee Mr. The USS In the presence of Sridhar, Managing Director of Saravana Group Mr. Arunkarthik’s congratulatory speech, Secretary of Pollachi Tamilisaichangam and President of Pollachi Vardathaka Samaibai Mr. G.. D. Gopalakrishnan was the special guest and speaking events were held well.

A dance drama called Sudigkodutha Nachiyar was performed by women. Performed by more than 25 women, the Andal Tirupavai brought a poignant body language play on Kannan Andal to the public today, as well as Bhavani literature.