The Best Ever birthday celebration of Mulloli Events Founder @ Junior Kuppana

    As usual, I woke up @ 8 in the morning. Being a youngster I too have this exclusively everyday addiction of checking the pop-up notifications soon after leaving the bed.

Instead of peeping through my personal chat today I went into Whatsapp group chat where I could find Bala Chandra Govidaraj’s greetings.

In order to maintain decorum, I said “Happy Bay Adhai, The founder of Muloli Wedding Planers”.

I went offline for the next couple of minutes. Soon after that, I got a call from Bharani. He invited me to a restaurant named ‘Amutha Surabhi’ which is located near Pollachi. To be frank. I have never been to a restaurant. My inner voice stated that you should never miss this treat cum restaurant visit. 

    Immediately after confirming my presence to Bharani, I asked Yasick to join me for the dinner treat. As expected he replied to me with a big no. he is one such stereotype who tends to cancel each & every trip.

    As a programmer, I started my routine work keep in mind the most awaited dinner in a restaurant. Rolling with the clock. I was waiting for the clock to hit the right time to join the party with my entrepreneur buddies.

    Balachander who is an organizer of the party always has a habit of inviting a large crowd. He again made a call to me a recheck my presence “Thambi, are you coming tonight?” My inner voice pop’s ‘What Idiotic questions?’ I replied to him. Of course Yes bro.

    As the time ticks, my excitement got doubled at the same time my instinct started to disturb me with the negative consequences. What if the party gets cancelled? My constant routine happen “After 7 pm I’ll leave office and I’ll enter my home, there comes a loud voice “Dei vantiya, evlo dosa venum? , a repeated question from my mom every night ‘How many dosas you want? ‘ And today,

My mind was confusing after hearing this question. Will I be having the healthy mom’s dosa or a big fat treat @ amudha Surabhi.

Because there is n  number of possibilities for a party to get cancelled. But I replied to my mom happy that I’m visiting a restaurant today for a treat.

    I prepared my self to visit Amudha Surabhi with good attire. There came a call from Praveen. He asked me the exact location to pick me up. I asked him to come and pick me at Kuttai thidal Vinayagar Temple.

     Adhi owns a Swift car & he came with his friends and picked me. We were on the way to Pollachi. As the restaurant was only a few mins away from us, I was so anxious. But Adhi, said we are going to Boomerang for desserts & to Junior kuppana for new treat. My mind voice, I just expected a veg treat but now a double dhamaka with Nv & dessert. Ashok also joined us for the treat.

At Junior kuppana, we ordered Mutton biryani, fish, parrota and dosa a mixed order for both veggies and non veggie lovers.

As the dishes reached our table I was excited to enjoy my mutton biryani really slowly along with the delicious kola urundai. Yummy & Finger licking good it was! I was the last person to finish my plate.

Back to the car, We reached Boomerang @ 11 pm. We were the only people left in reading. We are here to celebrate our photographer Adhi’s birthday.

We also had a surprise cake for our birthday baby Aadhi.

First, we lit the candle bring inside the car. It was harder due to the chillness of AC inside.

Then, Adhi bowed the candles with a birthday wish & we shared the cake. Few leftover

Cream & pieces of cake have filled our Adhi’s face as a part of a celebration. As we entered Boomerang parler. I kept quiet because,  whenever I try ordering food it ends up a ROFL among my team. There came Arun to save me. He orders a large mixed fruit and nut & crunchy combo for us. Then we shared it.

After such exciting party we returned home at high speed as the road was empty, but all of a sudden the car went out off the track, I thought Adhi was playing tricks but it was because the tyre got punctured.

Balachandar who came in other cars for the party was following us.

With all his hidden love he helped us to replace the tyre  with a new one by giving jacky and to reach home safely