Sethumadai kaliamman Temple

Theivakulam Kaliyamman Kovil Sethumadai is located at sethumadai, Anaimalai.
The temple dates back to the nineteenth century.

The Deivakulam Kaliamman Sannathi the Kannimar and Ganesha are sub sannathi. There is a temple pool here. The temple is under the control of the Department of Hindu Temples and is classified as a primary temple. Administered by Tamilnadu Hindu Aranilaya Trustees.

The temple conducts two periods of worship according to the Pancharatri system. Chithirai is the main festival of the Tamil New Year. Navratri is a festival celebrated in the month of Purattasi.

Its a Powerful temple. The way you reach the temple and the nearby river will be awesome and peaceful to visit. Even in summer season we won’t feel the heat in this location.