Mukkonam ( Pulankinaru ) Village

Tamil Nadu.

Mukkonam is located near the highway of Pollachi-Udumalpet road which is 5 kilometres west from udumalpet . It is neither a city nor a village, it can be considered as a little small town . Though it is a small town it has all the facilities as much it can . It has medical shops , bakery’s , electrical shop ,hospital , automobile shops , banks , ATMs , small hotels and so many things that adds beauty to this place

            Mukkonam is the meeting point of udumalpet – Pollachi road and anamalai road . The east road from mukkonam leads to udumalpet , west road takes to Pollachi and the south road takes to aanamalai through saalaiyur  .  There are tons of  things to say about Mukkonam . Its uniqueness lies in its ability to hold various types of business. Its supports variety of people providing the platform for their growth  . So lets see into the


                   We can see integrity and unity among people

 . People of all status live in Mukkonam irrespective of caste and religion . Even some business in Mukkonam like flower hand cart , fruit hand cart are owned by people living there . It is being an best example kongu nad


                 All the town buses from Pollachi to udumalpet and udumalpet to anamali stops here . Some express also has a stop here . We can also find rental cars and omnies near the bus stop to help people reach their destination


               Starting from small hand cart food stall to high-classed hotels all varieties of hotels  , which can match expectations of various peoples are available here . There are various veg hotels and also an non veg hotel(Guna hotels) .Annamitra is special for its veg treat .  We can see food stalls opened at night time . Pani puri stall here at night time is the famous one and which adds extra beauty to this place . It is quiet small but its popularity is so big . Non veg hotel is not exactly in Mukkonam  , it is 0.5 kilometres from it and also an veg hotel is located 1 kilometre apart from Mukkonam .


            There is an mariaaman temple available near the junction of roads . It is  famous for the unique face of goddess .  there is an pilayar temple which is viewable from the main road  . Pooja will be conducted on special days  and people from the surrounding villages like Millgate , Anthiyur and Kallipalayam used to visit temple on these special days


          There is  private hospital available  here named Tamizhmani.Nurses are available 24/7 . Not only hospital but also medical shops are also to help people . In case of emergency people around villages of radius 5 kilometer use this hospital .


                        There is a government high school available here . it is very helpful to the students in the nearby area . It has all the facilities. Vidyasagar arts and science college is available but is not exactly located in Mukkonam , it is located 2 kilometres to the east of Mukkonam ,but people can reach the college within 10 minutes through public transport in Mukkonam .


                  There is a gym newly opened in 2021 . This is the only gym that is available for around radius of 10 kilometre . So it is helpful for youngsters who are fitness minded


              We can also say that Mukkonam is famous for kerala people owned bakiers . Here two bakers are there which is owned by Kerala people named tasty bakery. As the bus stop is nearby people take a short relaxation over there. As there is also good parking facilities lorry drivers , heavy transport drivers find it easy to take a break from driving .



              Some electricals shops are also available . As there are many villages around Mukkonam the people there would be obviously doing agriculture . Where problem arises in their motors , the electrical shops in Mukkonam is being an important one . They not only be a electrical shop but also they hold all the things for house renovation and construction .

           As it is being an all business holder place it is has automobiles shop . The shops for both repairing and sales are available .


                  Two banks are available in Mukkonam . State of India and Indian overseas bank  is available with ATMs . ATM are always in use and they are very convenient too .


              Agriculture is the business for the people which live in and around Mukkonam . Various crop varieties tomato , corn , coriander , Bengal gram and sometimes sunflower . One speciality is there are many windmills around Mukkonam .

                              Apart from these things toy shop is available for children . Two-wheeler vehicle stand is available which supports to safeguard their vehicles . Mutton , chicken and even pork stall available .  There is separate shop available for homemade sweets . Flower shops available . There are multiple shops being constructed also . People from the west of Udumalpet reach Thirumoorthy Malai through Mukkonam . Sapparam of Thirumoorthy malai goes through Mukkonam

                             Mukkonam is being the centre of multiple villages , So it has all the facilities as much it can. It is still in its developing phase .