Government Boys Higher Secondary School Udumalpet

It is Located in the State of Tamil Nadu.

The school that created many VIPs, I am so proud to have played in this school,The school that brought back unforgettable memories

Nice school of free & friendly environment and good studies too.

I remember my time at Govt. Boys Higher School in Udumalpet during the late 90s. It was a school filled with students from village backgrounds, and we would commute to school using the government bus. The bus rides were always lively and filled with chatter among friends.

One thing that stood out was the yearly school fee, which was only Rs. 300. However, there would often be delays in payment from parents to the school. The teachers and staff were understanding and patient with us, knowing our financial situations.

During lunch breaks, we would gather in the school courtyard to eat. The school provided food, but we had to wash our own dishes. The area designated for washing dishes was called “Vembuchathukkam.” It became a place where school events and functions would also take place, creating fond memories.

One of the highlights of our school days was the Physical Training (PT) period. We all looked forward to it because it was a time to be active, play sports, and enjoy ourselves. It was a break from the regular academic routine, and we cherished every minute of it.

I can’t forget the joy of receiving a free cycle from the school. The school provided cycles to some students, and it made us extremely happy. We would ride our cycles everywhere, exploring the village and feeling a sense of freedom.

Lastly, our school uniform consisted of a white shirt and blue pants. It created a sense of unity among us and made us feel proud to be part of the school.

These memories from the late 90s at Govt. Boys Higher School in Udumalpet hold a special place in my heart. They remind me of the simplicity, camaraderie, and the joy we experienced as students.

Beyond just the snacks, Ananth Anna’s stall became a gathering place for students to unwind, share stories, and forge deeper connections. It became a melting pot of conversations and laughter, where friendships were nurtured and memories were made. The warm and friendly demeanor of Ananth Anna himself added to the welcoming atmosphere, making the snack stall a beloved institution within the school community.

As the years have passed, the memory of Ananth Anna’s Pups Snack stall continues to bring a nostalgic smile to the faces of those who reminisce about their school days in Udumalpet. It serves as a reminder of the simple pleasures and the sense of community that enriched their educational journey.

Pups Annanth‘s :

In addition to the vibrant atmosphere and memorable events at the Government Boys’ Higher Secondary School in Udumalpet during the late 90s, there was another beloved aspect that added to the charm of the school. Behind the backside gate, near the school premises, a small snack stall called “Ananth Anna’s Pups Snack” was a popular spot among the students.

Ananth Anna, a friendly and jovial man with a perpetual smile, ran the snack stall. He was known for his delicious and affordable snacks, especially his signature dish called “pups.” Pups were a local favorite, a delectable combination of crispy fried dough balls served with a tangy and flavorful chutney. The aroma of freshly prepared pups would waft through the air, enticing students and teachers alike.

During the short breaks or after school hours, students would eagerly flock to Ananth Anna’s snack stall. The stall, adorned with colorful banners and tantalizing pictures of the mouthwatering treats, became a hub of activity. Students would line up, chatting and excitedly discussing their favorite snack choices.

Ananth Anna would skillfully prepare the pups, frying them to perfection and generously drizzling them with his secret chutney recipe. The crispy, golden brown balls would be handed over in small paper cones, and the students would savor every bite with delight. The combination of the crunchy texture and the burst of flavors would create a moment of pure culinary bliss.