Aliyar Dam Fish TNFDC

It’s great to hear that fresh fish from the Aliyar Dam in Pollachi has garnered its own fan base. The availability of locally sourced fish can be a major attraction for seafood lovers in the area.

Freshness and quality are often highly valued when it comes to fish, and having a nearby dam as a source ensures that customers can enjoy the taste and freshness of the catch.

Pollachi Fish Markets :

Local markets or vendors in Pollachi often offer a wide variety of fish species that are sourced from the Aliyar Dam and other nearby water bodies.

This allows residents and visitors to have access to a diverse selection of fresh fish for cooking and consumption.

If you have an opportunity to visit Pollachi again, exploring the local fish markets or vendors could provide you with an even wider range of options and the chance to experience the flavors of the region’s fresh fish firsthand.

Please note that the availability of fish and specific sources may vary over time, so it’s always a good idea to check with local vendors or residents for the most up-to-date information on where to find the freshest catch in Pollachi.

Fish Farming Details

  • Reservoir Name: Aliyar Reservoir
  • District: Coimbatore
  • Area: 646 hectares (Ha)


  • Kola
  • Cutla
  • Rohu

To ensure efficient management and commercial production of fresh water fishes, the reservoirs under the control of the Department of Fisheries have been transferred to the management of the Tamil Nadu Fisheries Development Corporation Limited (TNFDC) in multiple phases.

This transfer is done on a 30-year lease basis.

The TNFDC is responsible for the systematic scientific stocking of fish seeds in these reservoirs.

This practice aims to promote sustainable fish production.

The management of Aliyar Reservoir falls under the purview of TNFDC, along with seven other reservoirs.