• Weather: Tropical climate with moderate temperatures throughout the year.
  • Pincode: Various pin codes within the district.
  • Telephone code: +91-4936.

Taluk List:

  1. Mananthavady
  2. Sulthan Bathery
  3. Vythiri

Wayanad is known for traditional Kerala cuisine, including dishes like Appam, Puttu, Malabar Biryani, and Fish Curry.

Tourist Places:

  1. Chembra Peak – Best time: September to February. Trek to the heart-shaped lake at the summit.
  2. Banasura Sagar Dam – Best time: August to May. Enjoy boating and the scenic surroundings.
  3. Edakkal Caves – Best time: October to May. Explore ancient petroglyphs amid picturesque hills.
  4. Thirunelli Temple – Best time: September to March. Visit this ancient temple nestled in the Brahmagiri hills.
  5. Pookode Lake – Best time: October to May. Go boating and enjoy nature walks.
  6. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary – Best time: December to May. Spot elephants, tigers, and exotic bird species.
  7. Soochipara Falls – Best time: June to January. Enjoy the cascading waterfalls and trekking.
  8. Meenmutty Falls – Best time: October to April. Trek through the forest to reach the waterfall.
  9. Lakkidi Viewpoint – Best time: June to February. Get stunning views of the ghat section.
  10. Kuruvadweep – Best time: November to April. Explore the river islands and lush greenery.
  11. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary – Best time: November to April. Take a wildlife safari to spot various animals.
  12. Neelimala Viewpoint – Best time: September to May. Panoramic view of the Meenmutty falls and forests.
  13. Pakshipathalam – Best time: November to March. Ideal for trekking and bird watching.
  14. Kanthanpara Waterfalls – Best time: October to March. Enjoy the serene waterfall and picnicking.
  15. Jain Temple, Sultan Bathery – Best time: November to February. Admire the ancient Jain architecture.
  16. Phantom Rock – Best time: November to April. Unique rock formation resembling a skull.
  17. Karapuzha Dam – Best time: August to May. Scenic dam offering boating and pleasant surroundings.
  18. Sentinel Rock Waterfalls – Best time: June to January. Beautiful waterfall amidst lush greenery.
  19. Bamboo Factory – Best time: October to April. Witness bamboo crafts and manufacturing.
  20. Wayanad Heritage Museum – Best time: October to March. Explore the rich tribal heritage and artifacts.

Best Time to Visit: October to May is the ideal time to explore Wayanad due to pleasant weather and accessible tourist attractions.

Things to Do: Trekking, boating, wildlife safaris, visit ancient temples, enjoy waterfalls, explore caves, and savor local cuisine.

Nearby Districts:

  1. Kozhikode
  2. Malappuram
  3. Kannur