Udumalpet to Ruthrapalayam TNSTC bus timings and Ticket Booking

For Udumalpet to Ruthrapalayam TNSTC bus timings and Ticket Booking, please visit the official TNSTC Reservation Centre for the latest and reliable information on schedules, routes, and ticket prices Tamil Nadu operates this center, and you can also check as a traveler SETC online bus booking and obtain information on SETC bus timings and fares.

Route Source Source Time Destination Destination Time Class STU
15 Udumalpet 7:25:00 Ruthrapalayam 8:20:00 ORD TNSTC-CBE
15A Udumalpet 15:10:00 Ruthrapalayam 16:15:00 ORD TNSTC-CBE
15A Udumalpet 17:25:00 Ruthrapalayam 18:27:00 ORD TNSTC-CBE
2A/20A Udumalpet 6:10:00 Ruthrapalayam 6:50:00 ORD TNSTC-CBE
32 A/B Udumalpet 17:05:00 Ruthrapalayam 18:00:00 ORD TNSTC-CBE
739 B Udumalpet 5:40:00 Ruthrapalayam 6:25:00 ORD TNSTC-CBE
9D Udumalpet 11:50:00 Ruthrapalayam 12:30:00 ORD TNSTC-CBE
9D Udumalpet 19:05:00 Ruthrapalayam 19:50:00 ORD TNSTC-CBE
9D Udumalpet 21:25:00 Ruthrapalayam 22:05:00 ORD TNSTC-CBE