Super Easy Ways To Learn Mathematics from Jeevitha Begalileo Trainer for Kids


Education is one of the essential supports for the women to manage her life in all facets. I have equipped myself to confront the society before and after marriage as follows, Have done my graduation as bachelor of engineering in information technology at Institute of Road and Transport technology(affiliated by Anna university). In add-on, I am an IBM mainframe certified (Global education tree, Pune) SAS certified base programming candidate(American Institute chattered property Casualty Underwriters- INS 21 certified). Apparently Be Galileo certified teacher and collaborator. Though I have done many certification in core technical, my passion is towards mathematics. That’s why I insists this outrageous course to be taught by all the children’s.


I had been functioning as a senior software engineer at IGATE Technology. Known for 7 years as a software developer on insurance domain. Built up myself as strong team player as a women who has interpersonal and mentoring skills. My analytical abilities help to swear out the large amount of complex information. Evidently it also helped me to translate the technical terms into the business level in a simplest way. Later started working as freelancer and online programmer. The mentoring skills lead me to take over the be Galileo. Teaching profession is always been at a respectful job, We wish to establish this opportunity to build up a good rapport with kids. So that we can also depict the right path to get more Galileo’s and Einstein.



Married women who would like to kick up the innovative skills among children. Hariprakash is my life partner who acts as a cloud engineer. The meaning of our life is Guru karthick who is just 1.5 year old who ignite this new career in my life. Eventually, I want to defend the women whomsoever would like to take part as a tutor in my franchise. Started career with Galileo: For a home mother, God-given-gift is be Galileo. Being an IT professional of 7 years I had found the place where I should stick out. In this society being a woman and mother I wish to endorse all the children by making them understand their own power and utilize it in a proficient way.

I have embarked on this mission now at udumalapet where I reside. From my childhood I have always been with math’s such as playing brain teasers, solving puzzles and Sudoku’s.

Comparatively I have scored more ratios in maths which helps me to teach my friends. The tutoring is the long term desire, from my childhood days it is accomplished now Today I know how to manage the kids as I am well known of my own kid. “ EVERY CHILD CAN LEARN, JUST NOT ON THE SAME DAY OR IN THE SAME WAY” that’s we believe.



Our franchise motive is to convey the changes in every nook and corner in udumalpet This center support children not just to learn math’s eventually it builds up the ability to stand against the globe. Kids do good from the motivational tutoring, in person with special caution to each and every child. This helps your kid to make up good mathematical skills that help them in schools as well as other math programs. It facilitates the child to concentrate on critical aspects and improves their analytical thin


The best plan for developing the presence of mind after school. Nowadays children need curricular activities than the education to showcase themselves. Every student cannot be an Abdulkalam or Einstein. But we can establish them as inspirational by finding their origins.

That’s what’s happening with begalileo, we make kids better by analyzing and diagnosis. One to one tutoring will set up for each pupil to pay more attention. Brief note: Be Galileo wants to move away conservative, it provides personalized lessons that are tailor made suits as child’s requirements. It is the personal attention every child craves, all while overcoming a tough subject. Each and every child will acquire a knowledge based test to identify their standards to equip them accordingly.

By dissecting the nature and capacity of the child. Be Galileo presents the customized, unique material and tutoring for them. In order to stabilize them mentally to face this world, we support them by providing motivational videos and opinions. The student eventually practice until he gets better without any disruption. Feedback will be provided instantly in a way that they would be motivated rather than they get offended. The sample patterns will be provided based on child’s skill level.

The portfolio is based on standard NCERT recommendations and students studying in any board can register and learn. The algorithms are designed by experts from IIT, NIT, IIM along with certified educators. Tykes will be trained through tab based programs, mathematical puzzles and worksheets. Every child is made a card puzzle after every session, which they can work with friends and relative. Mentors are well qualified, trained and certified.

Olympiads focus on –

• Core math’s concept.

• Challenging or higher order questions.

• Thinking and reasoning questions.

In most instances, the focus of classroom instruction in schools is about math concepts as per the curriculum. Students hardly get to exercise on the challenging questions and almost never work on thinking & reasoning skills as part of school curriculum “Children are eager to come to every class as they acquire the feeling that they are not learning math but ‘playing with math’.

Strategic games, speed math and math games are helping them to improve their strategic thinking, speed and interest towards math every week they play.

“ Why mathematics is important in our life: Most of the children face difficulties in mathematics, not only it is complex but also time-consuming. Entirely through the school years mathematics would have been awful.

No matter how much they prepare before examination, they always feel afraid that doesn’t make anything. This is the topic where we cannot muggup and write. If we learn the sample will incur the same practice with different numbers, until working out the problem we don’t get the exact solution.

When we inculcate the tedious subject in the easiest and simplest way, why will they feel it is awful. Instead of teaching them something, we will draw the path to figure it out to get the designated results. This boost them with encouragement and stamina. With a knowledge of math, for example, you can quickly infer that a half-cup of flour is the same thing as eight tablespoons of flour. This can prove handy if you ascertain that your half-cup measure is missing. Math helps us think analytically and have better reasoning abilities. Math is Be Galileo all around us and helps us see the world better.

Why should you chose BE GALILEO program:

The Roadmap To Your Child’s Math Enrichment: Be Galileo – an international after school mathematics learning program for School students from UKG to grade 8 now is your neighborhood. And, it’s not JUST Math! So, how does beGalileo work? MILESTONE 1: Child starts with a Math diagnostic assessment, MIDAS report identifies strengths and learning gaps for age level math. MILESTONE 2: Individual learning plan created based on MIDAS and school curriculum.


• Students starts math classes 3 days a week.

• Students gets personalized math workbooks for topic being done in school. • The teacher introduces the subject using animated video lessons.

• The student completes the subject in the workbook.

Students do high order questions on an AI based online platform


MILESTONE 3 Tutor conducts a test for the topic.


Each class is divided into two sessions – 45 min for Math and 15 min for Think & reason section. Think & reason includes activities such as Strategy games, Math Games, Speed Math and Logic Ladder to encourage critical thinking.


Know which Math demons your child conquers – every day!


The student-led conference conducted at one time in 8 weeks to keep the parent updated with the detailed information and statistics on student progress. What’s the difference between normal student and be Galileo student. Be Galileo clarifies concepts in the complete school curriculum and enriches beyond.

• Be Galileo’s focus is on making a strong conceptual understanding

• Be Galileo offers Personalized Workbooks and online scholarship for in-depth coverage.

• Be Galileo focuses on constructing a strong foundation and developing a liking for math.

• Be Galileo uses animated video lessons to introduce concepts, making it very interesting for pupils. At beGalileo, students are encouraged to go on higher order questions for every topic, to prepare them for competitive exams.

Every class includes a 15 minute session on building thinking and reasoning skills using a be Galileo proprietary curriculum of hands on activities & games.

Parent report sent after every course of instruction Rivets on the application of math and how math connects to other knowledge areas through activities. Evidently, Be Galileo helps the students who are up to grade 7 to develop their multipersonality skills, logical ability, out of box thinking and focused on Olympiads.