Sultan Bathery

Sultan Bathery (often spelled Sulthan Bathery) is indeed located in Kerala, India. However, “KL” refers to the vehicle registration code for the state of Kerala. So, Sultan Bathery is in Kerala, but the “KL” in its name isn’t referring to a specific location within the state.

Here’s a quick recap about Sultan Bathery:

  • Location: Wayanad district, Kerala, India
  • District: Wayanad
  • Vehicle Registration: KL-73 (Wayanad district)
  • Elevation: Around 900 meters above sea level

Sultan Bathery is a beautiful hill station known for its:

  • Pleasant weather
  • Lush green hills
  • Jain Temple (used as a battery by Tipu Sultan)
  • Edakkal Caves with Neolithic carvings
  • Wayanad Heritage Museum showcasing archaeological and tribal artifacts

If you’re looking for more information on Sultan Bathery, I can help you find details on:

  • Places to stay
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  • How to get there
  • Local festivals

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