Samathur Aranmanai

Zamin Samathur has a beautiful palace which was a significant place over the many centuries as it
was the seat of one of the 72 Palayakarar/Poligar or Regional Ruler.
Zamin Samathur is home to the Vanavarayar clan.

The Vanavarayar have ruled from Samathur for generations for almost 700 years. Later it became a
Zamindari under the British with about 18 villages under its care.

The village of Samathur, one would have to visualize narrow roads, both paved and mud lined, with
rows of clustered houses on either side.

The palace was tiled roof with its decorated awnings when viewed from a distance resembles a
stylised lattice which is completely different from the other heritage homes in the area.

The wooden frames, the terracotta coverings, and the sloped roof, all bear a striking resemblance to
the ancestral homes in the neighboring state of Kerala.