Puthuppally is one of the few major centers and towns in the Kottayam district of Kerala, India. Many areas surrounding Puthuppally can only be reached by traveling through the town itself. Here’s a breakdown of what this interesting place has to offer:

  • Location: Puthuppally is situated in the Kottayam district of Kerala.
  • Importance: The town serves as a key connecting point for various locations in the region due to its central location and well-developed road network.
  • Historical Significance: Puthuppally is known for its ancient Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, Puthuppally Palli. This church holds cultural and historical significance for the Christian community in the area.
  • Growth and Development: Puthuppally is a growing town with an increasing number of major roads connecting it to other important towns and cities in the region. This growth is likely due in part to its role as a central hub.
  • Culture and Festivals:
    • The feast of St. George Orthodox Church, Puthuppally, is a well-known regional festival that transcends religious boundaries and is celebrated by people of all faiths, castes, and creeds.
    • Puthuppally Hindu Mahasammelan is a Hindu convention held annually during the summer vacation.
  • Traditional Sport: Though facing a decline in recent times due to younger generations’ interests, Puthuppally is known for the traditional sport called “Naadan Pattu Kali” or “Tukkal Pattu Kali,” which translates to “bullock ball play” in English. The sport is typically played on flat grounds.

If you happen to be visiting Puthuppally, here’s some additional information that might be helpful:

  • Pincode: 686011
  • Vehicle Registration: KL-05 (Kottayam District)
  • Weather: Tropical climate with hot and humid summers, monsoon season (June-September), and pleasant winters.

Puthuppally might not be a major tourist destination, but it serves as a convenient and central location for exploring the surrounding areas and experiencing the rich culture and traditions of Kerala.