Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what you might be looking for regarding Paravur, Kerala:

Total Area:

  • There are two places named Paravur in Kerala:
    • Paravur, Kollam: Information on the total area for this place isn’t readily available online.
    • Paravur Taluk, Ernakulam: This region’s total area is approximately 195.25 sq km (75.39 sq mi).


  • It depends on which Paravur you’re interested in:
    • Paravur, Kollam: Kollam District
    • Paravur Taluk, Ernakulam: Ernakulam District

Nearby Taluk:

  • Paravur itself is a taluk in the Ernakulam district.
  • Depending on the specific location within Paravur Taluk, nearby taluks could include Aluva, Kanayanur, or North Paravur.


  • Paravur, Kollam: The pincode might vary depending on the specific location within Paravur. You can search for it online using a detailed address.
  • Paravur Taluk, Ernakulam: 682301

Vehicle Registration:

  • Ernakulam District (including Paravur Taluk): KL-42


  • Kerala generally has a tropical climate. Paravur experiences hot and humid summers (March-May) with moderate rainfall. The monsoon season lasts from June to September, followed by pleasant winters (November-February).

Educational Institutions:

  • Paravur boasts numerous educational institutions, including government and private schools, colleges, and professional institutes. Some prominent ones include Sree Narayana Guru College, NSS College, and Al-Ameen Engineering College (depending on the specific location within Paravur).


  • Paravur enjoys good road connectivity to major Kerala cities and towns. National Highway 66 passes through the area.
  • Public bus services operate frequently within Paravur and connect it to nearby towns.
    • Depending on the specific location within Paravur, there might be water transportation options available like ferries or local boats.

Places of Interest:

  • Paravur offers a variety of places of interest:
    • Religious Sites: Sree Krishna Temple, Puthurkkavu Durga Temple, Malik Deenar Juma Masjid
    • Beaches: Kuzhippilli Beach, Thalikkulam Beach
    • Backwaters (explore nearby Alappuzha for an immersive backwater experience)

Tourist Places:

  • While Paravur itself might not be a major tourist destination, it’s a good base for exploring nearby tourist spots like:
    • Kochi (Cochin): Known for its historical sites, beaches, and Jewish heritage.
    • Alappuzha (Alleppey): Backwaters, beaches, and houseboat cruises.
    • Munnar: A hill station offering scenic beauty, cool climate, and trekking opportunities.

Famous Festivals:

  • Paravur celebrates various festivals throughout the year, reflecting its cultural diversity:
    • Onam: A ten-day harvest festival celebrated with immense joy across Kerala.
    • Vishu: The Malayalam New Year, marked by colorful decorations and special dishes.
    • Theyyam: A vibrant ritualistic dance performance with elaborate costumes.

Railway Stations:

  • The nearest railway station depends on the specific location within Paravur:
    • Ernakulam North Railway Station
    • Aluva Railway Station

Airport Nearby:

  • Cochin International Airport in Kochi is the nearest airport, approximately 50-60 kilometers from Paravur depending on the location.


  • Paravur has several hospitals and medical facilities to cater to the healthcare needs of the residents. Some prominent ones include Lourdes Hospital, Aluva Medical College (depending on the location), and Taluk Hospital, North Paravur.

Remember, this information is for both Paravur, Kollam and Paravur Taluk, Ernakulam. If you have specific details about the Paravur you’re interested in, a more precise search online can provide you with even more tailored information.