Mukundapuram Taluk

Mukundapuram can refer to two places in Kerala, India:

  1. Mukundapuram Taluk: A taluk (administrative division) in the Irinjalakuda Revenue Division of Thrissur district.
  • Location: Thrissur District, Kerala
  • Headquarters: Irinjalakuda (formerly Mukundapuram)
  • Description: Formerly a prominent taluk, Mukundapuram lost a majority of its territory to the newly formed Chalakudy Taluk in 2013.
  • Current Towns: It comprises 29 villages, including Edathirinji, Irinjalakuda, Kadappassery, and Vadakkumkara.
  1. Mukundapuram village: A village within the Mukundapuram Taluk (refer point 1) and earlier the headquarters of the taluk itself.

Since you haven’t specified which Mukundapuram you’re interested in, here’s a general overview of what both these places might have to offer:

Temples and Religious Sites:

  • The region around Mukundapuram Taluk has several temples and religious sites, reflecting the rich heritage of Kerala.
  • Some prominent ones include:
    • Vadakkunnathan Temple in Irinjalakuda, a significant Shiva temple.
    • Thiruvamkavu Bhagavathy Temple near Irinjalakuda, known for its traditional festivals.

Natural Beauty:

  • The Thrissur district, where Mukundapuram is located, is known for its backwaters and scenic beauty.
  • You might be able to find opportunities for kayaking or enjoying boat rides in the surrounding areas.

Getting There:

  • The nearest railway station is Irinjalakuda, well-connected to major towns and cities in Kerala.
  • The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport , approximately 50 kilometers from Irinjalakuda.

It’s important to note that Mukundapuram Taluk and Mukundapuram village might not be prominent tourist destinations on their own. However, their location within the Thrissur district makes them a good base for exploring nearby places like Irinjalakuda, known for its temples and cultural significance.