Mr. Nellai Muthu Scientist joined the Sree Subramanya College of Engineering organized Science expo

Tamil Nadu.

That sounds like an incredible event organized by Sree Subramanya College of Engineering and Galileo Science Club on the occasion of Republic Day. The Science expo must have provided a platform for students with a passion for science and innovation to showcase their talents and ideas.

The coordination and organization of the program by Mr. Kannapiran must have played a crucial role in its success. His efforts in bringing together students, scientists, and enthusiasts created an environment that fostered learning, inspiration, and collaboration.

The participation of Mr. Nellai Muthu, a retired ISRO scientist, added immense value to the event. His presence and expertise would have undoubtedly inspired the students and provided them with valuable insights into the world of science and space exploration.

It’s wonderful to see the recognition and appreciation expressed for Mr. Kannapiran’s efforts. Coordinating such an event requires dedication, attention to detail, and a passion for promoting science and innovation among young minds. The message of congratulations for his effective coordination reflects the gratitude and respect towards his hard work.

May the event continue to inspire and ignite the scientific curiosity of the students, and may Mr. Kannapiran’s efforts bear fruit in all aspects. It’s through such initiatives and dedicated individuals that the spirit of scientific exploration and innovation is nurtured, paving the way for a brighter future.