Kunnathur, the place you’re interested in, can refer to two locations in Kerala, India:

  1. Kunnathur, a Taluk in Kollam District:
  • This Kunnathur is a taluk (administrative division) within the Kollam district of Kerala.
  • The capital of this taluk is the town called Sasthamkotta.
  • Here’s a breakdown of what this Kunnathur offers:
    • Backwaters and Scenic Beauty: A significant portion of Kerala’s largest freshwater lake, Sasthamcotta Lake, lies within Kunnathur.
    • The Kallada River flows eastward within Kunnathur, offering scenic beauty.
    • You might enjoy exploring these backwaters on a houseboat or enjoying the riverside locations.
    • Temples and Religious Sites: Kunnathur has several Hindu temples, including the Nediyavila Devi Temple, Kokkamkavu Durga Devi Temple, and Puthanambalam Devi Temple.
    • Getting There: Kunnathur is accessible by road from major Kerala cities and towns. The nearest railway station is Kollam Railway Station, and the nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram International Airport (TRV) in Thiruvananthapuram.
    • Accommodation: Accommodation options in Kunnathur might be limited. Explore nearby towns like Kollam or Sasthamkotta for a wider variety.
  1. Kunnathur Village:
  • This Kunnathur is a small village itself within the Kunnathur Taluk (mentioned above) and falls under the Kollam district.

Since you haven’t specified which Kunnathur you’re interested in, I’ve provided information on both. If you can share any additional details, like what interests you most (backwaters, temples, etc.), I can provide a more tailored response.