Kunnamkulam, a place that piqued your interest earlier, is a municipal town and a significant commercial center in the Thrissur district of Kerala, India. It boasts a rich history, cultural heritage, and serves as a perfect base for exploring nearby tourist attractions. Here’s a comprehensive look at Kunnamkulam:

Location and Surroundings:

  • District: Thrissur
  • Distance from Major Cities:
    • 24 km (15 mi) east of Thrissur city
    • 8 km (5 mi) west of Guruvayur

Historical Significance and Culture:

  • Kunnamkulam’s history stretches back centuries. It was once known as Kunnankulangara and finds mention in British archives as a prosperous town.
  • Over time, Kunnamkulam has become a meeting point for all religions, with Hindu temples, mosques, and churches coexisting peacefully.

Famous for Printing and Book Binding:

  • Kunnamkulam is well-known for its thriving printing and book binding industry. The industry has a long tradition, and the town is a hub for printers and publishers in Kerala.

Religious Sites:

  • Kunnamkulam Town Juma Masjid: A historic mosque and a significant landmark in the town.
  • Kakkad Sree Subramanya Temple and Kakkad Murugan Temple: These Hindu temples attract devotees from nearby regions.

Other Attractions:

  • Vazhani Dam: A scenic dam located near Kunnamkulam, offering a picturesque spot for picnics and outings.
  • Punnathur Kotta (Anakkotta): An ancient fort believed to have been built during the rule of the Zamorins of Calicut. It’s a historical site worth exploring.
  • Guruvayur Temple (nearby): A highly revered Hindu temple dedicated to Guruvayur Padmanabha, a form of Lord Vishnu. While not located in Kunnamkulam itself, it’s a major pilgrimage site and a popular tourist destination easily accessible from the town.

Getting There:

  • Kunnamkulam is well-connected by road to major cities and towns in Kerala and neighboring states. National Highway 47 passes through the outskirts of the town.
  • The nearest railway station is Kunnamkulam itself, offering convenient access.
  • The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport in Kochi, approximately 77 kilometers from Kunnamkulam.

Overall, Kunnamkulam offers a unique blend of historical charm, cultural experiences, religious sites, and easy access to nearby tourist destinations. It’s a perfect spot for travelers seeking to explore the rich heritage of Kerala and experience the warmth of its people.