Krisiv Jaggery Powder Manufacturing Gets The Heat ,You Can Get The Jaggery Benefits from Organic

One guy from B.E  background called Suresh Kumar and his father Thirumoorthi started his sugarcane manufacturing company in the palapalayam with the vision of delivering quality and organic products for customers.

When Suresh Kumar comes to know the benefits of jaggery and affects of white sugar. he wants to give a solution in the habit of food. so I chose the best path to make everyone to become rich in healthy.

Did you know process  how  they making jaggery from the sugarcane

  • Extraction of Sugarcane Juice
  • The concentration of sugarcane juice
  • Filtration of Sugarcane

Extraction of Juice:

We prefer always for Manufacturing of organic Jaggery is  Raw material from growing of sugar cane. In sugar cane cultivation maximum used only preferred natural organic fertilizers like cow wastage

They getting sugarcane from the farmers directly and that will be delivered through tractors respective of the demands from the krisiv .

Here two roller mills used for juice extraction.  That juice Extraction is the first stage of making process it will be done with the help of a diesel engine. Three labor has to keep the sugarcane in the machine for grinding


The concentration of juice:

After clarification from the extraction completed in boiling with high temperature, the temperature of boiling mass is approximately 110 to 115o . Boiling takes place about 2 to 3 hours with one labor who helps to make a liquid into a solid form of sugarcane.

Filtration of Sugarcane  :

When the concentration of juice process completed, the filtration process starts with three labor who has to do their main duty of cleaning the sugarcane with an automated machine.

Packing :

It is the final stage of the product, filtration makes cleaning the jaggery from unnecessary particles and which is not matched with the quality. respective of the size, packages are preferred to pack with this quality krisiv jaggery. They have a good amount of orders across the states . and also they selling for local customers at cheap prices.


Benefits :

  • It Purifies Your Blood Circulation
  •  It Controls Blood Pressure at a good level
  • It Improves Digestive Health of your body
  • It Improves Your Energy in the body system
  • It Helps You In Control the  Weight


Contact :

Krisiv Sugarcane

7708633405 – Sukumar

9659092789- Thirumoorthi

Near Vedavyas school  Pallapalayam,  Udumalpet