Kottarakkara, a place you’re curious about again, is a town and municipality bathed in history and culture, nestled in the Kollam district of Kerala, India. It’s known for its ancient palaces, the birthplace of a classical dance form, and a serene temple revered by devotees. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what Kottarakkara has to offer:

Historical Significance and Architectural Marvels:

  • Kottarakkara boasts a rich history, evident in the presence of several palaces and monuments.
    • The town was once the capital of the erstwhile princely state, Elayadathu Swarupam, a branch of the Travancore Royal Family.
  • Explore the captivating Puttiya Palace, a two-storied structure showcasing a blend of architectural styles – Kerala, Dutch, and Belgian influences.

Birthplace of Kathakali:

  • Kottarakkara holds immense cultural significance as the birthplace of the renowned classical dance form, Kathakali.
    • In the 17th century, Prince Kottarakkara Thampuran developed Ramanattam, a precursor to Kathakali, which later incorporated elements from Krishnattam, another classical dance form. Over time, it evolved into the elaborate and captivating Kathakali we know today.

Kottarakkara Ganapathy Temple:

  • This revered temple, dedicated to Lord Ganesha, is one of the most visited temples in Kerala. It’s unique in that Lord Shiva faces east, while Ganesha faces south and Parvathy faces west, unlike the usual placement where Ganesha typically flanks Parvathy. Devotees throng the temple throughout the year, seeking blessings and spiritual solace.

Other Points of Interest:

  • Explore the bustling markets of Kottarakkara, brimming with local produce, spices, and traditional handicrafts.
  • Visit the nearby Ashtamudi Lake, the second-largest lake in Kerala, offering scenic boat tours and a glimpse into the vibrant backwaters ecosystem.
  • Learn about the rich heritage and culture of Kottarakkara by visiting museums or cultural centers (if available).

Getting There:

  • Kottarakkara is well-connected by road to major Kerala cities and towns.
  • The nearest railway station is Kollam Railway Station.
  • The nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram International Airport (TRV) in Thiruvananthapuram, approximately 90 kilometers away.


  • Kottarakkara offers a range of accommodation options, from budget-friendly homestays to comfortable hotels, catering to different travel styles.

Overall, Kottarakkara presents a captivating destination for those seeking a cultural and historical immersion. The architectural marvels, the birthplace of Kathakali, and the serene temples make Kottarakkara a worthwhile stop on your Kerala itinerary.

Is there anything specific about Kottarakkara that piques your interest? Perhaps you’d like to delve deeper into the history of the palaces, the intricacies of Kathakali, or the significance of the Kottarakkara Ganapathy Temple?