Karthikappally, a village you’re interested in today, is situated in the Alappuzha district of Kerala, India. While not a major tourist destination, it offers a glimpse into the local life and culture of the region. Here’s a breakdown of what Karthikappally has to offer:

Location and Surroundings:

  • District: Alappuzha
  • Headquarters: Haripad, which is the headquarters of Karthikappally Taluk (administrative division).

Historical Significance:

  • Karthikappally once held significance as a Buddhist center. There’s limited information available about this period, but it adds to the village’s cultural tapestry.
  • Later, in the 18th century, Karthikappally became part of the Travancore kingdom.

Village Life and Economy:

  • The primary occupations of the residents are coir production (using coconut husk fibers) and fishing.
  • Exploring the local markets and shops can give you a sense of the village’s economy and daily life.

Nearby Attractions:

  • While Karthikappally itself might not have a plethora of tourist attractions, some interesting places are located nearby:
    • Alappuzha (Alleppey): This town, around 25 kilometers north of Karthikappala, is renowned for its backwaters, beaches, and the famed Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple.
    • Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary: A haven for diverse birdlife, this sanctuary is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. It’s about 30 kilometers north of Karthikappally.

Getting There:

  • Karthikappally is accessible by road from Alappuzha and other nearby towns.


  • Accommodation options in Karthikappally might be limited. You might find budget-friendly homestays or explore staying in Alappuzha for more choices.

Overall, Karthikappally provides a chance to experience the quieter side of Kerala, بعيدا عن (baīdaan ‘an) (far away from) the usual tourist hotspots. If you’re interested in cultural immersion and a glimpse into the local way of life, Karthikappally can be a worthwhile stop on your Kerala itinerary.