Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu

Kanchipuram, also known as Kanchi, is a city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located on the banks of the Vegavathi and Palar rivers, about 72 kilometers (45 mi) from Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. Kanchipuram is one of the seven sacred cities of Hinduism, and it is home to many temples, including the Kailasanathar Temple, the Ekambareswarar Temple, and the Kamakshi Amman Temple.

Kanchipuram is known for its silk saris, which are hand-woven and have a reputation for being of the highest quality. The city is also home to a number of other industries, including leatherwork, jewelry, and pottery.

Kanchipuram is a popular tourist destination, and it is known for its temples, silk saris, and historical sites. The city is also home to a number of festivals, including the Kanchipuram Brahmotsavam, which is a grand festival that is held every year in the month of April.

Nearby districts:

  1. Thiruvallur district
  2. Chennai district
  3. Vellore district
  4. Tiruvannamalai district
  5. Chengalpattu district
  • Weather: Hot summers, moderate winters, and monsoon from June to September.
  • Pincode: 631501 to 631561.
  • Telephone Code: +91-44.

Tourist Places:

  1. Kanchi Kamakshi Temple: Seek blessings, admire intricate architecture, attend festivals, and explore nearby shrines.
  2. Ekambareswarar Temple: Witness the massive Gopuram, explore the temple complex, and attend religious ceremonies.
  3. Varadharaja Perumal Temple: Marvel at Dravidian architecture, attend rituals, and immerse in spiritual ambiance.
  4. Kailasanathar Temple: Appreciate ancient Pallava architecture, enjoy serene surroundings, and capture captivating moments.
  5. Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary: Birdwatching, spot migratory species, and indulge in nature photography amidst a picturesque setting.
  6. Kamakshi Amman Temple: Seek blessings, experience local culture, and participate in vibrant festivals.
  7. Devarajaswami Temple: Observe ornate carvings, attend religious rituals, and soak in the divine atmosphere.
  8. Kanchipuram Silk Saree Weaving Centers: Shop for exquisite silk sarees and witness the traditional weaving process.
  9. Ulagalanda Perumal Temple: Admire the colossal Lord Vishnu statue and visit nearby temples.
  10. Thennangur Panduranga Temple: Experience spiritual tranquility, attend festivals, and participate in bhajans.
  11. Muttukadu Lake: Boating, picnicking, and enjoying the scenic lake view.
  12. Jain Temples: Explore ancient Jain heritage and appreciate intricate architectural marvels.