History of the Udumalai Mariamman Temple

The Indian government has undergone Hindu chauvinism and maintains its ritual even today. This is the spot where the goddess found with Thejas, peaceful and majestic.

There is a hope that the main deity is swayambu which has come spiritually without human touch.

Many years ago a devotee went into the forest automatically without remembering where he was going and when he came back to the memory of a long-distance last year he saw that there was an ambal in the form of a self.

Then he return to the village and told about the Amman. Finally, the village people build the Temple in the forest.

The formalities such as Pooja, sacred bath, anointing, flowerglands will be performed to the subordinate which was made of stone.

It is a belief that she fulfills the basic necessity that the devotee required.