Eranad Taluk, Malappuram District, Kerala

Eranad Taluk is a present-day administrative division (taluk) within the Malappuram district of Kerala, India. It’s a region steeped in history and serves as an important part of the local governance structure. Here’s a comprehensive look at Eranad Taluk:

Location and Administration:

  • District: Malappuram
  • Headquarters: Manjeri city
  • Revenue Division: Perinthalmanna
  • Vehicle Registration: KL-10


  • Eranad Taluk was once part of the much larger historical Eranad province, which encompassed the present-day Malappuram district and nearby areas.
  • It held the distinction of being the largest taluk in the erstwhile Malabar District during the British Raj.
  • Over time, portions of Eranad Taluk were separated to form new taluks like Nilambur (1990s) and Kondotty (2013).

Cities and Municipalities:

  • Eranad Taluk includes the city of Manjeri and the Malappuram municipality.
  • Most of the administrative offices are concentrated in the Civil Station at Malappuram and the Mini-Civil Station at Manjeri.

Places of Interest:

  • While Eranad Taluk itself might not have specific designated tourist attractions, several historical and cultural points of interest lie within its borders. These include:
    • Manjeri: A historical town known for its mosques, temples, and vibrant markets.
    • Valavannur: Home to the historic Valavannur Jama Masjid, one of the oldest mosques in Kerala.
    • Ponnani: A port town known for its scenic beauty and religious significance for both Hindus and Muslims.

Getting There:

  • Eranad Taluk is well-connected by road to major cities and towns in Kerala and neighboring states. National Highway 966 passes through the region.
  • The nearest railway stations are Malappuram and Manjeri.
  • The nearest airport is Calicut International Airport (CCJ), about 70 kilometers away.

Overall, Eranad Taluk is a significant administrative unit in Malappuram district, offering a glimpse into Kerala’s rich history and cultural tapestry.