Attappadi Tribal Taluk

The Attappadi Tribal Taluk is a relatively new administrative division carved out of the Mannarkkad Taluk in the Palakkad district of Kerala, India, in February 2021. It’s nestled in the Western Ghats, making it a land of scenic beauty and tribal settlements. Here’s a comprehensive look at Attappadi Tribal Taluk:

  • Location and Administration:
    • District: Palakkad
    • Headquarters: Agali town
    • Area: 735 sq km (284 sq mi)
    • Predominantly inhabited by the Irular, Muduga, and Kurumba tribes
  • A Tribal Haven:
    • Attappadi Tribal Taluk is the first tribal taluk established in Kerala, aiming to empower the tribal communities and improve their socio-economic conditions.
    • The region is home to three indigenous tribal groups:
      • Irular tribe: Known for their expertise in honey collection and traditional medicine.
      • Muduga tribe: Skilled in hunting and gathering, and have a rich knowledge of medicinal plants.
      • Kurumba tribe: Particularly adept at making bows and arrows, and have a deep understanding of the forest ecosystem.
  • Natural Beauty:
    • Attappadi boasts breathtaking landscapes amidst the Western Ghats.
    • The Attappadi Reserve Forest, covering 249 sq km, is a protected area with diverse flora and fauna.
    • The Bhavani River, a tributary of the Cauvery River, flows through the region, adding to the natural charm.
  • Places of Interest:
    • While the primary focus of the taluk is on tribal development, there are places offering a glimpse into the tribal way of life and the natural beauty:
      • Attappadi Hills: Offers stunning vistas of the Western Ghats.
      • Honey collection demonstrations: Witness the traditional methods employed by the Irular tribe for honey collection.
      • Tribal art and craft markets: Support the local communities by purchasing unique handicrafts.
  • Getting There:
    • Attappadi Tribal Taluk is accessible by road from major Kerala towns and cities. However, the terrain can be hilly and require caution while driving.
    • The nearest railway station is Palakkad Junction, about 80 km away.
    • The nearest airports are Calicut International Airport (CCJ) and Coimbatore International Airport (CBE), both approximately 100 kilometers distant.

Overall, the Attappadi Tribal Taluk serves a significant purpose of empowering tribal communities while showcasing the beauty of the Western Ghats and its indigenous cultures.